“We don’t know everything, but what we do know, has the ability to radically change lives.”

Brook Bello Inspires Youthiasm® Inc “being youthfully enthusiastic about the things of God at any age. Empowering through the ministry of education, awareness, prevention and encouragement. Youthiasm® is a faith-based organization. The legacy of fatherhood and outreach to men and boys is also part of what we do. The purpose of creating enriching life giving curriculums, conferences, apps, educational courses for people of faith and those searching for answers is what we do. Our courses are faith-filled or secular. Our ministry and pastoral clinical restoration and renewal support for women and men leaders of faith in the non-profit, human services, or church organizations is paramount.

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Youthiasm® is a new company born out of my faith and need to share the unique leadership qualities of Jesus Christ, and years of going from “bondage to building” and fear to freedom. The word also means living a life of promise and appointed exuberant destiny which is difficult to discover with new world challenges, addictions, and current or past traumas, exhaustion, stresses and other issues that cloud our judgement and faith in who we are and more importantly who God is.

I survived horrible challenges that cannot be described here but I understand that we all have had enormous challenges in today’s culture. Deep traumas and for some temptations to wander down paths that can take us off track or maybe, we simply desire change. Whether, something seemingly pointed as the thought of giving up, the need to change course or addictions, pornography, promiscuity. In addition, to desire to know about human trafficking, and be able to assist survivors and provide prevention methods for men and boys.

I barely survived and could see all around me that the absence of the understanding of dangerous situations is facing our youth and all of our daily lives. Prevention is key.

We now offer SOS U all online and other courses in person and LATN and LATN Di2 in book form with consultation. To order the faith-based book and work book for victims go to www.livinginsidetherainbow.com

SOS UNIVERSITY by Youthiasm is an educational curriculum based platform created by Dr. Brook Parker-Bello The prevention education such as Restorative Justice End Demand Education (RJEDE™)
Live Until You Die (LUYD™)
Living Above the Noise (LATN™)
Living Above the Noise Digital Integrity and Intelligence (LATN DI2).
Dr. Parker-Bello and Jim Rouches of Harvest House collaborated to create you our prevention course which can be faith-based when requested is a sought after sexual violence and drug and alcohol prevention and awareness courses entitled SOS U. One on One  or on campus or for your company and all groups, ALL ONLINE!

The Journey Begins…

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LEGACY OF FATHERHOOD OR OUR DEMANDING MORE RJEDE, is currently an online instructor lead course with interactive educational curriculum. The well organized court appointed mainstream or faith-based e-learning also offered as volunteer for NGO’s, churches, military bases, law enforcement officers, agents or executives and other interested agencies and corporations.



SOS U Education

SOS U, is currently an online interactive educational curriculum for college campuses and universities, NGO’s, churches, military bases, schools and other interested agencies and corporations.

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Isaiah 40:31

“Those that wait [{expect}] on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles.”