Digital Integrity & Intelligence education is a pull-out from the complete LATN curriculum which focuses on prevention and awareness set against the backdrop of digital integrity and the urgency of internet safety as it is related to the root causes of being a victim of abuse, exploitation, bullying, and gang association.

It also provides an understanding of the internet as a powerful tool that reduces global borders, promotes gender respect and equality, and introduces net neutrality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the six degrees of information, and the future of work to better equip teens on their own futures and how the digital world plays a role.


It consists of four 1-hour interactive sessions geared towards reaching students and youth of varying ages and learning styles. We teach on healthy relationships, identity discovery, goal setting, STEAM education, all while stressing the means of informed decision-making, prevention for substance abuse, sexual assault and misconduct, teen pregnancy and STDs, as it relates to exploitation, human trafficking in the 21st century.


With the growing complexity of the Internet and its many components youth need to learn how to stay safe and respond to the dangers that are circulating on social media and the world-wide web, while taking advantage of the benefits.