To transform victims into survivors, thrivers and ultimately champions by educating and empowering youth, young women and men, as well as the LGBTQ community, with a variety of ways on how to live a sustainable lifestyle.


By discovering ones identity and purpose, struggling individuals are better equipped from falling into the cracks of society and becoming victims of human trafficking, sexual violence and other dangers.


LATN is our 5 semester (3-12 month) educational curriculum created by Dr. Brook Parker-Bello of Youthiasm® founder of More Too Life, Inc., which we consider a key aspect of our victim service framework model. The purpose of this is not only to foster a survivor mentality, but also to create leaders with a higher purpose who will have a positive impact on society, with an emphasis on a their emotional shift on any kind of childhood violence or trauma being their fault to being a survivor, thriver and champion.

We have identified that many of our mentees come from fatherless, neglected and/or abusive homes and are searching for acceptance even before being trafficked, and as a part of prevention we work to mitigate these issues of rejection. Our five semesters go through personal development, worldviews on human trafficking and sexual violence, early warning signs and prevention methods, internet safety, intelligence and integrity with exposure to the world through technology, leadership, identity discovery, cultural influences, de-collateralizing from gang or pimp culture, and the necessary skills to obtain a healthy outlook. The overall goal is to educate and empower youth and young adults with ways they can live a happy and sustainable lifestyle. This program is in different formats starting with ages 10-18, and then 18 and up. It can be modified from 12 months to 1-3 months for focused, engaging education for youth that are court-appointed, moving away or need short, yet efficient, prevention.